5 amazing places in the Atacama Desert you didn’t know existed!

The Atacama Desert is probably the most famous desert in the world and it is also the driest place in the world. It is covering the area of Northern Chile and Southern Peru and is sought by travelers as a trip of a lifetime. Though most people only visit the center of Atacama Desert in San Pedro, there is much more to it than this little town. Look at the 5 amazing places in Atacama Desert you had no idea that existed.

#5 Abandoned city Humberstone

Atacama Desert holds many first places, besides being the driest place in the world, it also contains the biggest deposits of nitrate, an efficient fertilizer. Next to nitrate mines were founded numerous cities, but were all abandoned with the invention of chemical nitrate. One of such cities is also Humberstone, now turned into an open-air museum. You can walk freely on its streets and visit houses, market, theater as well as the mines. If you are a lover of abandoned places, Humberstone is a must see on your trip to Chile.


#4 Cuevas de Anzotas

Little known but carrying a big beauty, seaside caves Cuevas de Anzotas are on the very north of Chile, only 12 km from the city of Arica. A natural geological formation dating from the Jurassic era were carved by the power of the ocean and inhabited by the pre-Colombian cultures. Since 2016, a nice path with informative boards leads around and through the caves, allowing visitors to enjoy its breathtaking beauty.


#3 Canyon de Los Perdidos

Amazing canyon in the middle of the desert was discovered only 7 years ago. It is located at the very north of the Atacama Desert in Peru and was carved into the sand and stones by river Secco. The only way how to get there is to hire a guide with a good 4×4 drive. Your best option is to go with Waranqu a tour operator who knows the desert as his backyard and will also show you millions of years old fossil as big as 30 m! (Mention Czickontheroad to get 10% of their tours and accommodation!)


#2 Huacachina Oasis

Huacachina Oasis is a small wonder not that far from above mention Canyon de Los Perdidos. It is a cute little town surrounded by white sand dunes, only 5 km away from the city of Ica. The underground water arose here to form a small pond with lush vegetation around it and it is a popular tourist spot since the beginning of the 20th century. You can spend here the whole day sand boarding, enjoying a wild drive with sand buggies or head here in the evening for a drink and amazing sunset.


#1 San Pedro de Atacama

There is a justified reason for San Pedro de Atacama to hold the first place among these amazing places in Atacama Desert and I couldn’t leave this article without it. Mirror-like high altitude lakes, salt fields and salt lakes, geysers, volcanoes, flamingos and peculiar landscapes of the Moon Valley and the Valley of the death. All just an hour ride from the city, easily accessible to everybody. No wonder San Pedro de Atacama is one of the most visited place in South America.


Written by Czick on the Road

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